Sensory Processing Disorder

Please think before you buy your next fidget sensory tool!

Sensory processing disorder – toys and fidget tools from Australian small businesses

Sensory processing disorder can be confusing for family members, teachers, and support workers. Imagine how confusing it is for the person who is experiencing sensory processing challenges.

I have collated a list of local sensory fidget toy providers in Australia to help you learn more about how to match fidget aids to your sensory profile.
This kit incorporates multiple senses for those who seek more than one sensation.

If you aren’t aware of your sensory profile, or your child’s sensory profile, then I recommend having a sensory profile completed by myself or an Occupational Therapist in your area.

For more information about sensory processing disorder take our in depth and easy to follow online course.

If you’re still confused about the senses enrol in our course today!

Visual sensory seeking fidget toys

Visual sensory defensiveness fidget toys

Auditory sensory seeking fidget toys

Tactile sensory seeking fidget toys

Smell (olfactory) sensory seeking fidget toys—pack-of-18/695527

Proprioception sensory seeking fidget toys


Vestibular sensory seeking fidget toys

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